Floor standing Machines

HVS Ltd offer a full selection of floor standing coffee vending machines which offer a wide variety of hot beverages including tea, coffee, drinking chocolate and a selection of speciality drinks like cappuccino’s and mocha’s.

Table Top Machines

We offer a wide range of tabletop instant beverage dispensers to suit from small office environment through to a high turnover restaurants. With our machines starting at only 16.5cm wide they’ll fit the smallest of counter spaces. Lease from £1.40 per day.


Vitale S Bean-to-Cup is a fully automatic, small and attractive vending machine for coffee services in small offices; it’s a versatile machine that is extremely easy to use. With Vitale you will enjoy a perfect balance of body, cream, aroma and flavour every time.

At Halls Vending Services, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly no frills service without the hard sell, with no costly sales representative’s driving expensive cars telling you whatever you want to hear to hit their unrealistic sales targets. We just offer no obligation honest advice which is based on the information you provide and not on what makes most profit.

Once we have offered up our recommendations we leave you to consider your options, we promise that unless you have requested we contact you we won’t. We understand how infuriating it can be to show interest in something only to be contacted every day for a decision on whether you want it from them.

We work on a much more ‘old style’ casual basis, our advice is free and even if we can’t offer the products or services your company requires we may be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can.